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USPHL Stats:


  • More than 400 players from 2020-21 USPHL season committed to college!
  • More than 75 NCDC players committed to Division I schools (2020-21).
  • Three NCDC players selected by NHL teams in 2021 NHL Entry Draft.


Combine Happenings

Players born between Jan. 1, 2002, and Dec. 31, 2006, will be eligible.

  • Players will be guaranteed a minimum of three scrimmage games
  • Off-Ice activities
  • Player evaluations
  • Goaltender-specific training sessions at each event
  •  Informational seminar at each Combine about the United States Premier Hockey League and its unparalleled USPHL Development Model.
  • Accredited on-ice officials 

Non-refundable* registration is $295 for each Combine.

The USPHL provides a great value to prospective players to show their skills in front of NCDC and USPHL Premier coaches and begin new relationships that will lead you on your path to college.


Why USPHL NCDC Combines?

USPHL is uniquely positioned to facilitate a clear path way for players graduating from Bantam who are looking to progress through Midget and Junior Hockey on to college and professional hockey.  Each division provides a critical step in the progression to fulfilling a player’s ultimate goal of becoming a collegiate and/or professional hockey player. 

The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL), which operates in 22 of the 50 United States, is the Nation’s largest amateur ice hockey league.  The league is comprised of more than 150 junior and midget teams selected to participate  in specific USPHL divisions based on geography, strong player pools, rink ownership and history of success and integrity at the highest level. 

USPHL NCDC Chicago Combine Schedule

(Subject to change)

Combine registrants will be receiving an e-mail soon with their individual team assignment. Please arrive 60 minutes before your team's first game slot on May 7. At check-in, you will be given your Combine camp jersey.

Location: Fifth Third Arena, 1801 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Ill. (Downtown).


Day 1: Saturday, May 7

Game 1: 9:10- 10:10am (Mission Rink), Team Red vs Team Black

Game 2: 10:20- 11:20am (Mission Rink), Team Light Blue vs Team Yellow

Game 3: 11:30- 12:30pm (Mission Rink), Team Royal vs Team Green

Game 4: 12:10- 1:10pm (Hyundai Rink), Team White vs Team Orange

Game 5: 12:40- 1:40pm (Mission Rink), Team Gold vs Team Grey


Goaltender-Specific Session: 2:00- 3:00 p.m. (Hyundai Rink)


USPHL NCDC Speakers Symposium: 10:00am- 11:00am

USPHL NCDC Speakers Symposium: 11:45am- 12:45pm


Off-Ice Testing To Be Held at Goodman Elite Training Facility at Fifth Third Arena.

Off-Ice Testing: 12:10pm- 1:10pm, Team Red and Team Black

Off-Ice Testing: 1:20pm- 2:20pm, Team Light Blue and Team Yellow

Off-Ice Testing: 2:30pm- 3:30pm, Team Royal and Team White

Off-Ice Testing: 3:45pm- 4:45pm, Team Orange and Team Grey

Off-Ice Testing: 5:00pm- 6:00pm, Team Green and Team Gold


Game 6: 3:10- 4:10pm (Hyundai Rink), Team Gold vs Team Black

Game 7: 4:20- 5:20pm (Hyundai Rink), Team Light Blue vs Team Red

Game 8: 5:30- 6:30pm (Hyundai Rink), Team Yellow vs Team Royal

Game 9: 6:40- 7:40pm (Hyundai Rink), Team White vs Team Green

Game 10: 6:50- 7:50pm (Mission Rink), Team Grey vs Team Orange


Goalies from teams Light Blue, Yellow, Royal, and White can choose any Off-Ice Testing time they want and e-mail us their choice.


Day 2: Sunday, May 8

Game 1: 9:10- 10:10am (Hyundai Rink), Team White vs Team Red

Game 2: 10:10- 11:10am (Mission Rink), Team Light Blue vs Team Black

Game 3: 10:20- 11:20am (Hyundai Rink), Team Yellow vs Team Gold

Game 4: 11:20- 12:20pm (Mission Rink), Team Grey vs Team Royal

Game 5: 11:30- 12:30pm (Hyundai Rink), Team Orange vs Team Green

Private conferencing areas will be available for USPHL/NCDC coaches to speak to players at their discretion on Saturday and Sunday. See registration staff with any questions.



Important Information:

- Speaker symposium to be held in Blackhawks Off-Ice Training Facility. League officials and Coaches will talk about USPHL and NCDC hockey and answer questions from players and parents in attendance.


Please be on the lookout for your team assignment. 

USPHL NCDC Detroit Combine Schedule

Registrants will be contacted individually in the coming weeks with their team assignment. Please arrive 60 minutes before your first Combine activity for check-in.


Location: Mount Clemens Ice Arena, 200 North Groesbeck Highway, Mount Clemens, Michigan.


Day 1: Friday, May 13

Goaltender Session #1 (Rink 2) 9:00-9:45 a.m.

Goaltender Session #2: (Rink 2) 10:00-10:45 a.m.


Game 1 (Rink 1): 10:00- 11:10 am, WHITE vs. BLACK

Game 2 (Rink 2): 11:00 am- 12:10 pm, YELLOW vs. RED

Game 3 (Rink 1): 12:20- 12:30 pm, GREY vs. GREEN

Game 4 (Rink 2): 12:20- 1:30 pm, ORANGE vs. ROYAL

Game 5 (Rink 1): 12:40- 1:50 pm, VIOLET vs. SKY BLUE


USPHL/NCDC Informational Symposium: 2:15 p.m. (Lobby)


Game 6 (Rink 1): 3:30- 4:40 pm, WHITE vs. YELLOW

Game 7 (Rink 1): 4:50- 6:00 pm, BLACK vs. RED

Game 8 (Rink 1): 6:10- 7:20 pm, GREY vs. ROYAL



Day 2: Saturday, May 14

Game 9 (Rink 1): 8:30- 9:40 am, GREEN vs. SKY BLUE

Game 10 (Rink 1): 9:50- 11:00 am, VIOLET vs. ORANGE


Game 11 (Rink 1): 11:10 am- 12:20 pm, BLACK vs. YELLOW

Game 12 (Rink 1): 12:30- 1:40 pm, WHITE vs. ROYAL

Game 13 (Rink 1): 1:50- 3:00 pm, GREY vs. RED

Game 14 (Rink 1): 3:10- 4:20 pm, SKY BLUE vs. ORANGE

Game 15 (Rink 1): 4:30- 5:40 pm, GREEN vs VIOLET


Important Information:

- Games are 3 x 18 minute running time periods. Ice Cut after each game w/5 minute warm-up.

- Penalties will be breakaway start on whistle at center ice with remaining nine skaters on far blue line. Plays continues if no whistle after breakaway.

- Speaker symposium to be held in Main lobby. League officials and Coaches will talk about USPHL and NCDC hockey and answer questions from players and parents in attendance.


Registrants should be on the lookout in the coming weeks for your team assignment. 


Thank you and we can't wait to meet you at the 2022 USPHL NCDC Combine!

    Opportunities always abound at the USPHL NCDC Combine Series, which has been run since 2019 to offer players the chance to skate in front of Tier II National Collegiate Development Conference coaches in Chicago and Detroit. 

    The knock on the door was loud and clear for Las Vegas native Ian Williams, whose performance at the Combine was so impressive that he was able to sign an NCDC Tender at the event, guaranteeing himself a spot at the Connecticut Jr. Rangers’ Main Camp and finding a spot on their 70-Man Protected List, which includes players certain to make the 2022-23 roster plus future prospects for coming years. 

    Williams, a 2003-born native of Las Vegas, Nev., was certainly happy with his choice to go to the USPHL NCDC Combine this year. 

    “I learned about the USPHL NCDC Combine series by looking up the NCDC camps online and saw the one in Chicago. I thought it would be a good opportunity,” said Williams, who attended the Chicago Combine held at the Fifth Third Arena in downtown Chicago, Ill., a facility that also serves as the Practice Home Of The Chicago Blackhawks. 

    “I had a positive experience at the combine. I got a lot of ice in and also some off-ice work,” he added. “The off-ice portion of the Combine was a nice addition to the usual game setup of combines and provided another opportunity to excel and stand out.”

    The off-ice part of the Chicago Combine was run by Paul Goodman, who is the Blackhawks’ Strength and Conditioning Coach and also runs the Goodman Elite Training facility on the premises. 

    It was after his third of three guaranteed games at the Combine that Williams was approached by Connecticut Jr. Rangers Head Coach Jim Henkel. 

    “He approached me after my last game at the camp,” said Williams. “My individual performance at the Combine was good. I felt I played pretty well and I think my confidence and skills from the past two seasons developing in Wenatchee (not only with the U18AAA team but also with the time I spent participating in the BCHL practies) helped me stick out to the Connecticut staff.

    “I thought it was a great opportunity and I enjoyed the camp a lot,” added Williams. “There were numerous scouts and coaching staff from all over the USPHL and NCDC in attendance, which is why you go to these things.”

    Watch for the announcements for the 2023 USPHL NCDC Combine series in February 2023. 


    Photos: 2021 USPHL NCDC Combine Series

    Photos: 2020

    Combine Series