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Big Green House: Rockets Hockey Club Forward Commits To Dartmouth College

By Joshua Boyd/, 01/24/20, 6:45PM EST


Having good relationships and chemistry with your linemates can certainly pay off, especially when those linemates are holding on to an NCAA Division 1 commitment. 

Last season, Luke House was the right wing on a line with center Ryan Sorkin, who committed to Dartmouth College in the Fall of 2018. The two Rockets Hockey Club players finished with almost identical stats, both playing all 50 games for the Rockets and scoring 14 and 13 goals, respectively. They also finished just four points apart at 43 for Sorkin and 39 for House.

Dartmouth took notice of Sorkin’s linemate and a little over a year later, House can make it official that he’ll be joining his now former Rockets Hockey Club teammate at Dartmouth College in 2021-22. 

“I made it official about a week ago,” said House, a 2000-born native of Chicago, Ill. “I had a teammate who was also a good friend of mine [Sorkin] and they saw me a lot last year because I was on a line with Ryan. Over the summer, they told me they liked my play a lot and would be watching me closely this year.” 

While Sorkin moved on to the Tier-1 route for 2019-20, House came right back to the Rockets. Even under a new Head Coach in Barry Dreger, House has continued to be an offensive workhorse for the team, scoring 14 goals and 12 assists for 26 points in 32 games. His year-over-year consistency was certainly more than enough for the Big Green of Dartmouth to extend their invitation for House to join Sorkin and several other current NCDC players in Hanover, N.H., down the line. 

“I talked to Head Coach Bob Gaudet at last year’s USPHL Summer Showcase, and I continued through the season talking with [Assistant Coach] John Rose and [Associate Head Coach] David Lassonde during the season,” House added. “What drew me most to Dartmouth was its strong combination of athletics and academics, along with the great community Dartmouth has to offer. It’s such a great place.” 

So, just what kind of player will the Big Green be getting when House arrives in 2021? 

“I can play in all situations. I’m a power forward, so I’ll go into the dirty areas, play hard and tough and create plays offensively,” said House. “I make good plays with my passing abilities. They liked that skill and power forward game.” 

House has been propelled since summer with the possibility of making the NCAA Division 1 commitment, pushing his game to even higher levels than the already elevated plateau he reached in 2018-19. 

“I feel like as the season has been going on,I’ve been getting stronger and stronger, while working really hard on my quickness and first few steps,” House added. “That’s important for me to keep working on and keep getting faster, because as you move up the pace of the game gets faster and faster.” 

With the personal goal of a college commitment now set, House is hoping he and his teammates can reach their common goal of making the NCDC playoffs. Although in 12th place as of Jan. 24, they are only 11 points out of eighth place, the final playoff spot, with 15 games remaining.

“This year, we were a lot younger and inexperienced than last year, which we might have used as an excuse early on, which I didn’t agree with. I thought we had a really talented group, much more skilled than last year,” said House. “Now, we’re playing a lot better hockey.” 

Not only considering his return to the Rockets for this season, one sees a very loyal trooper in House. He is certainly considering a Year 3 in the NCDC next season to prepare him for Dartmouth. 

“I haven’t given it too much thought, but I have enjoyed my two years here,” he added, “and I couldn’t think of a better situation to come back to.” 

It would certainly seem that this House has found a home.