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United States Premier Hockey League Preliminary COVID-19 Protocols

By USPHL Staff, 08/21/20, 11:30AM EDT


August 21, 2020

The USPHL is requiring all organizations to undertake the following steps to help to safeguard against the contraction and/or spread of COVID-19.


All USPHL members must follow all federal, state and local guidelines (collectively “COVID-19 Guidelines”) issued pertaining to COVID-19 including, but not limited to, guidelines regarding travel, facility management and any hockey/sport-related policies.  Each Organization must print out the applicable COVID-19 Guidelines and provide a copy to each general manager, coach, trainer, and other team personnel. One printed copy must always be present with the team.


  1. Require all players arriving to start the season (first practice, team meeting or other event in which the player arrives to start participating with the organization) to provide written documentation regarding a negative COVID-19 test that was taken no more than 3 days prior to arrival.
  2. Require all players and team personnel to take a COVID-19 rapid test within 24 hours of departing on any overnight trip in which the team will be traveling within team bus/vans.
  3. Upon the determination of any player or team personnel becoming infected with COVID-19, have all team players and personnel get tested for COVID-19 before returning to play.


All USPHL organizations are required to have an action plan/procedure to facilitate the transportation and safekeeping of players who become ill/infected with COVID-19.  Each USPHL Organization’s plan must include the following:

  1. A “Safe House” to which an ill/infected player may be domiciled and cared for until recovery and the requisite quarantine period has been achieved.  
  2. A “Designated Driver/Process” to allow safe/proper transportation of an ill/infected player back to their home, billet family or safe house.

Each Organization’s plan regarding the actions it will undertake to manage a player when a player or team personnel is determined to have contracted COVID-19, including the Safe House and Designated Driver Protocol, is due to the league office three days prior to the start of the organization’s team’s season.