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USPHL Announces Hub City Tampa All-Star Game Schedule, Rosters

By USPHL Staff, 01/15/21, 7:30PM EST


The United States Premier Hockey League is excited to announce its All-Star Games schedule for its January All-Star event.

All of the USPHL All-Star Games listed below will take place at AdventHealth Center Ice in Wesley Chapel, Fla., on Sunday, Jan. 17, and Monday, Jan. 18.

The USPHL anticipates four fast and exciting contests over the two days featuring the top players competing in Hub City Tampa games in the NCDC, USPHL Premier and USPHL Elite Divisions.

NHL scouts, NCAA coaches and fans will see more than 40 NCAA Division I committed players competing at Hub City Tampa.

Additionally, there are more than 10 NCDC players in heavy consideration for the upcoming 2021 NHL Entry Draft.  


All-Star Games And Schedule

NCDC NHL Prospects Game (’02-’04) - Monday, 10:30 a.m. 

The top NHL Draft-eligible players for 2021 and beyond (born 2002-04), including players with current NCAA commitments, will hit the ice for the first of two NCDC All-Star events. 


NCDC NCAA Prospects Game (’00-’01) - Monday, 1:20 p.m. 

The top NCAA-committed players born in ‘01 and ‘00 will join a select group of NCDC All-Stars still working towards an NCAA commitment in the second tilt of the All-Star event. 


USPHL Premier Hub City All-Stars - Monday, Noon

The top players from the Florida, Mid-Atlantic and New England Divisions competing in the Hub (as well as the Pacific's San Diego Sabers) will clash for a mid-January Classic. 


USPHL Elite Hub City All-Stars - Sunday, Noon 

Players will be selected from the Florida Division for one team, playing against a team consisting of the Islanders Hockey Club, Northern Cyclones, New York Aviators and Jersey Hitmen.

All-Star Rosters 

NCDC NHL Prospects ('02-'04)

Team National (Red)



Cameron Lund, Boston Junior Bruins (‘04) - Northeastern University

Sam Lipkin, Rockets Hockey Club (‘03) - Quinnipiac University - NHL Central Scouting Players To Watch

Shane LaChance, Boston Junior Bruins (‘03) - Boston University - NHL Central Scouting Players To Watch

Oliver Flynn, Boston Junior Bruins ('03) - University of Connecticut - NHL Central Scouting Players To Watch

Colin Graf, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02) - Union College

Grant Porter, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs (‘02) - College of the Holy Cross

Coleman Jenkins, Boston Junior Bruins (‘03)

Chris Delaney, Boston Junior Bruins (‘04) 

Johnny Hammel, Boston Advantage (‘02) - College of the Holy Cross

Nick Ring, Boston Advantage (‘03) - University of New Hampshire

Ryan Corcoran, Boston Advantage (‘02)

Johan Rosenquist, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02) - NHL Central Scouting Players To Watch

Johnny Ulicny, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02)



Jackson Dorrington, Boston Junior Bruins (‘04) - Northeastern University

Mack Oliphant, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02)

Ryan Prewitt, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02) 

Owen Paskowski, Twin City Thunder (‘04) - Colorado College

Evan Orloff, Rockets Hockey Club (‘03) - NHL Central Scouting Players To Watch

Trevor Taulien, Boston Advantage (‘03)

Nolan Hayes, South Shore Kings (‘02)



T.J. Semptimphelter, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02)

Cameron Whitehead, Utica Jr. Comets (‘03)

Christian Manz, Philadelphia Hockey Club (‘04)

Coaches: Mike Anderson (Boston Junior Bruins), Tim Kyrkostas (Islanders Hockey Club), Tony Dalessio (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs)


NCDC NHL Prospects

Team American (White)

Isaac MacLeod, Jersey Hitmen (‘02) - St. Lawrence University

Daniel Sambuco, Jersey Hitmen (‘03) - Providence College

Cy LeClerc, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02) - University of New Hampshire 

Ronan Walsh, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs (‘02) - University of Vermont

Jake Bongo, Rockets Hockey Club (‘03) - Sacred Heart University

Chase Lammi, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02) - St. Lawrence University

Cole Vallese, Rockets Hockey Club (‘02) - Providence College 

Ryan Bottrill, South Shore Kings (‘02) 

Xander Babich, South Shore Kings (‘03) - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jake Black, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02)

Tony Achille, Boston Advantage (‘02)

Michael DiPietra, Jersey Hitmen (‘02)

Owen Simpson, Boston Junior Bruins (‘03) - University of Connecticut

Sean Melso, Jersey Hitmen (‘02)

Jack Pascucci, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02) - University of Connecticut - NHL Central Scouting Players To Watch

Ben Ritter, South Shore Kings (‘02) - Dartmouth College

Michael Rubin, Rockets Hockey Club (‘03) - Merrimack College

Noah-David Dayan, Philadelphia Hockey Club (‘03)

Mika Peterson, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘03) 


Chase Clark, Jersey Hitmen (‘02) 

Connor Bradford, Boston Advantage (‘02)

Nick Bevilacqua, Boston Advantage (‘03)

Coaches: Toby Harris (Jersey Hitmen), Jason Kersner (Rockets Hockey Club), Jim Henkel (Connecticut Jr. Rangers)

NCDC NCAA Prospects (‘00 and ‘01) 

Team National (Red)



Daniel Ebrahim, Jersey Hitmen (‘00) - Sacred Heart University

Ian Carpentier, Boston Junior Bruins (‘00) - Yale University

Clark Kerner, Rockets Hockey Club (‘00) - UMass-Lowell 

Connor Tait, Rockets Hockey Club (‘01) - Quinnipiac University

Steven Townley, Jersey Hitmen (‘00) - Dartmouth College

Johnny Wescoe, Rockets Hockey Club (‘01)

Chikara Hanzawa, South Shore Kings (‘01)

Connor Joyce, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘01) - Boston College

Kyle Lightfoot, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00) 

Dom Garozzo, Boston Junior Bruins (‘00) 

Jaxon Mase, Philadelphia Hockey Club (‘00) 

Henry Wagner, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘00) - Yale University 

Ryan Stevens, South Shore Kings ('00) - Yale University - Injured Reserve



Connor Sullivan, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00) - Yale University

Will Gilson, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01)

Patrick Lawn, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘01) - Bentley University

Jude Brower, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01) - U.S. Military Academy 

Jared Lambright, Boston Advantage (‘01) - St. Lawrence University

Danny Magnusson, Boston Advantage (‘00)

Mike Krupinski, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00)



Aidan Harper, Rockets Hockey Club (‘01) - UMass-Lowell

Joe Sharib, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘01) - Union College

Artur Oganzhanyan, New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs (‘00) 


NCDC NCAA Prospects

Team American (White)



Liam McLinskey, Jersey Hitmen (‘01) - Quinnipiac University

Luke Aquaro, Jersey Hitmen (‘00)

Connor Sweeney, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00) - University of New Hampshire

Ryan Willet, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (‘00) 

Frankie Ireland, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01)

Devin Moran, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (‘00)

Luke House, Rockets Hockey Club (‘00) 

Reilly Connors, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘00) - Yale University

Liam Connors, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘01) - Yale University

Jack Dempsey, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01) - Boston College

Trey Croddick, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01) - Dartmouth College

Anthony Messuri, Northern Cyclones (‘01) - Northeastern University

Tyler Young, Islanders Hockey Club ('01) - Providence College (Injured Reserve)



Philip Waugh, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (‘00) - University of Vermont

Andrew Gilbert, Jersey Hitmen (‘00) - U.S. Military Academy

Patrick Keegan, Jersey Hitmen (‘01) 

Brandon Cimino, Jersey Hitmen (‘01) - Bentley University

Cade Alami, Jersey Hitmen (‘01) - Providence College

Jack Page, Rockets Hockey Club (‘01) 

Tommy Winn, Jersey Hitmen (‘00) 



Brandon Milberg, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01) - Sacred Heart University

Damon Beaver, Jersey Hitmen (‘01)

Ryan Wilson, Boston Junior Bruins (‘00) - U.S. Military Academy


USPHL Premier Hub City All-Stars

Team American (White)



Ryan Barrett, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01)

Mike Tersoni, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01)

Ethan Louisos, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00)

Tyler Borys, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01)

Ben Peterson, Northern Cyclones (‘00) 

Eelis Laaksonen, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00)

Michael Bievenue, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02)

Tyler Westfall, Northern Cyclones (‘00)

Chase Maxwell, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘01)

Jackson Tillinghast, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Danny Woods, Northern Cyclones (‘00)

Jack Saavedra, Twin City Thunder (‘01)

Anthony Morin, Utica Jr. Comets (‘00) 



Zach Winslow, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01)

Matt Young, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01)

Michael Martignetti, Boston Junior Bruins (‘02)

Luke Mix, Boston Junior Bruins (‘01)

Oscar Richardson, Northern Cyclones (‘00) 

Jordan Rosenbaum, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Ryan O’Connell, Connecticut Jr. Rangers (‘02)



Trevor Wong, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

William Nepveu, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02) 

Owen Przybylo, Twin City Thunder (‘01) 


Team National (Red) 



Demeed Podrezov, Florida Eels (‘00)
Gage Dill, Florida Eels (‘01)

T.J. Zebley, Florida Eels (‘00)

Tristan Roost, Florida Eels (‘00)

Stanley Lucas, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘00)

Aaron Frenkel, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘00)

Connor Reed, Tampa Bay Juniors (00) 

Cameron Croteau, Florida Jr. Blades (‘01)

Jason Tynan, New York Aviators (‘00)

Ross Jaldung, New York Aviators (‘01)

Jay Finan, Jersey Hitmen (‘01)

Justin Guelph, Jersey Hitmen ('01)

Aaron Dibble, P.A.L. Jr. Islanders (‘01)

Vladislav Suhhodolov, San Diego Sabers (‘03)



Cade Swygert, Florida Eels (‘00)

Lazarus Kaebel, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘01)

Jack Anderson, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘02)

Kyle Lindholm, Florida Jr. Blades (‘00)

Nathan Albrecht, New York Aviators (‘00)

Johnny LaMacchia, Jersey Hitmen (‘00) 



Alexandre Caron, Florida Eels (‘01)

Cade Kujawski, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘00)

Michael Marino, New York Aviators (‘02)


USPHL Elite Hub City All-Stars

Team National (Red)



Leo Haban, New York Aviators (‘01)

Aaron Moody, New York Aviators (‘02)

Cainan Stevenson, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

T.J. Vitullo, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Marc Giordano, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Jackson Hansen, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00) 

Adam Mazurowski, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01)

Layne Brubaker-Egner, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02)

Grady Fagan, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Frank Jurgens, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02)

Trevor Carmen, Jersey Hitmen (‘03)

Eddie Kienzle, New York Aviators (‘05)



Ryan Elleraas, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Nick Super, Northern Cyclones (‘00)

Noah Jubb, Islanders Hockey Club (‘02)

Kam Chan, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Terrell Hedley, Islanders Hockey Club (‘01) 

William Walsh, Jersey Hitmen (‘03)

Nick Miller, Jersey Hitmen (‘03) 



Jake DeMoranville, Jersey Hitmen (‘01)

Connor Vittands, Northern Cyclones (‘01)

Mike Varveris, Islanders Hockey Club (‘00) 



Team American (White) 



Anthony Zebley, Florida Eels (‘04)

Kaleb Harrop, Florida Eels (‘01)

Matthew Clift, Florida Eels (‘01)

Mathieu Rioux, Florida Eels (‘02)

Landen Engles, Florida Eels (‘03)

Ryan Bahula, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)

Adam Custable, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)

Jack Fleer, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘02)

Tim Ruf, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘02)

Rory Neish, Florida Jr. Blades (‘02)

Derrick Hambling, Florida Jr. Blades (‘03)

Alex Broadhead, Florida Jr. Blades (‘03)



Filip Kuba, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘04) 

Nash Cobbs, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)

Vincent Cartier, Florida Eels (‘04)

Ryan Chambre, Florida Eels (‘03)

Jeremy Pizzola, Florida Jr. Blades (‘04)

Matthew Walters, Florida Jr. Blades (‘02)



Jacob Mork, Florida Eels (‘02)

Evan Spinella, Tampa Bay Juniors (‘03)