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United States Premier Hockey League Adds Dan K Show In Greater Capacity

By USPHL Staff And The Dan K Show, 06/21/21, 2:00PM EDT


The United States Premier Hockey League is dedicated to providing the highest level promotion of players and teams in all of U.S. Junior Hockey, both on Social Media and through its website 

Focusing on this growth is one of the ways in which the USPHL is committed to player development and success. In a world more driven by the internet than ever before, Social Media promotion and coverage of players is no longer the future: it is the best way to provide the most opportunities to the players and teams that make up the USPHL The League is committed to being the best in U.S. Junior Hockey in its promotion of players and overall messaging. 

To this end, the USPHL announces that the Dan K Show has been re-signed in its largest capacity to date, allowing the relationship between the USPHL and The Dan K Show to become even more powerful in its promotion of the league and its players. 

In addition to continuing to broadcast nearly 100 games per year as the official Broadcasting Team of the USPHL, The Dan K Show’s duties within the USPHL will include Social Media growth, as well as assisting in the continued development of broadcasting standards across the USPHL.

The Dan K Show and the USPHL together announced their continued and expanded  partnership in the League’s first official TikTok post on Monday, June 21, making the USPHL the first U.S. Junior Hockey League with an official and active league account on the world’s fastest-growing Social Media Platform among young people.. 

Additionally, The Dan K Show will work with Manager of Media and Communications Joshua Boyd to continue the USPHL’s industry-leading growth across all Social Media Platforms. With a continued focus on serving the ever-changing needs of young athletes, the USPHL expanded its Instagram page following, resulting in 824% growth of the platform over the last three years. No other U.S. junior league came within 500 percent of that rate of growth. 

The USPHL has also outgrown its competition over the last three years on Facebook (204 percent) and Twitter (63.5 percent). With The Dan K Show on board to assist with Social Media growth, the USPHL will undoubtedly continue to be the Fastest-Growing U.S. Junior League on Social Media. 

The Dan K Show made its USPHL debut as play-by-play broadcaster (Dan Kmiechick) and color commentator (Lucas Jones) for the former Philadelphia Flyers Junior Hockey Club in 2014-15. The very next year, 2015-16, saw The Dan K Show named the USPHL’s Official Broadcasting Team and have been a staple at USPHL showcases, special events (such as All-Star Games and Combines) and playoffs ever since. The Dan K Show was named HockeyTV Broadcasters Of The Year in 2019. 

The 2015-16 season also marked the debut of The Dan K Show’s YouTube program, which runs weekly during the hockey season and provides comprehensive coverage of the USPHL. Expanding these weekly episodes allow a greater spotlight to be given to the teams and players that make up #USPHLNation. Blending hard-hitting analysis with their unique style of banter, The Dan K Show has become the Most Watched Show In Junior Hockey. 

In the spring of 2020, amidst the world’s deadliest pandemic in more than 100 years, The Dan K Show never stopped its forward-thinking approach, creating "The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey" podcast, currently streaming on all major platforms.

"The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey" presents a more in-depth look at the USPHL and Junior Hockey overall in its hour-long format, while also providing guests from the college hockey community a platform to talk about how the USPHL has benefited their programs. 

“The Dan K Show Presents: Junior Hockey” will continue into its second season in 2021-22. 

The USPHL, including Commissioner Bob Turow, is very excited to work with The Dan K Show’s Dan Kmiechick and Lucas Jones as the League continues its unparalleled multi-tiered and coast-to-coast model of Player Development towards College Advancement. The USPHL advanced more than 390 players to all levels of college hockey during the 2020-21 season, and has advanced far more than 2,000 (and counting) to college hockey throughout its eight-year history.