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Vadim Vasjonkin: Finishing Strong at World Juniors

By Vadim Vasjonkin, 12/19/15, 5:15PM EST


Our game against Croatia was scheduled for 4:30 pm on Tuesday. The day started like always; we woke up at 8:30 and had a team gathering in the lobby of our hotel. After that, we went running for about 20 minutes as our warm up and then stretched for a little bit. 
Our breakfast started at 9:30 and it varied every day due to game time. The breakfast at our hotel was always the same, two eggs and a plate of cottage cheese. At 10:30 we left for a pre-game skate, our bus ride took us 50 minutes every day to get to the rink. When we arrived at the rink we once again had a warm up and then at 12:15 we hit the ice for a hard, short skate.
After practice we had a team meeting about ways to be at our best, and our coach definitely explained it well to the team. That day we didn't leave the rink to go back to the hotel and instead had lunch at the rink and started to get ready for the game. The game started at 4:30, the opponent was very big and fast, which was hard for our team because our team was much smaller. Nevertheless, after the first period the game was tied.
The second period started well for us, we scored right away and found a way to play with their speed and capitalize on their mistakes which won us the second period 4-1. We had to win the third period and play well defensively, and we did that and came away with a win. After the game, there was a 30 minute cool down and then the bus took us back to our hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. We went to dinner at 8pm and bed time was at 11pm.
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