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Florida Eels Jason Posner Chooses to Play College Hockey in Boston

By Eels Staff, 04/10/17, 6:45PM EDT


A huge congratulation goes out to Jason Posner as he notches the Florida Eels 3rd college commitment this season. This is especially impressive as Jason is only a 1997 DOB. He is no doubt one of the Florida Eels top academic students and was accepted by some of the top schools in the USA: Boston College. Now that says something. He was accepted to some of the leading colleges and universities in the USA but Boston College was where his heart is.   He will be studying physics and what better academic school for that than Boston College. As a student of advanced science he will have a full load on the academic side so he intelligently and prudently decided to marshal his time and selected a solid ACHA Hockey program to accommodate the demands of his studies.


Jason is now one of three Eels alumni who went on to study and play ice hockey at Boston College. The first was Malcolm Lyles who played for BC’s NCAA Division 1 college hockey team for two years 2008-09 and 2009-10 before transferring over the NCAA U Mass Lowell. The 2nd Eels alumni was in Max Mastrella who   like Jason had a tough academic load and played for Boston College ACHA College club team.
 Jason is a very talented young Goalie says GM Frank Scarpaci. He has tremendous passion and is a very most dedicated and determined young man. He would come to practice early each day by one hour or better to work on his game. He has great vision on the ice. He plays a hybrid style. He tracks the puck and shooters very well.  He is an aggressive goalie who Attacks shooters. He has outstanding rebound control. He has an extremely quick glove that frustrates so many shooters. He is calm and never gets rattled or shaken up. Premier Head Coach Frankie Scarpaci said Jason played phenomenal in net for the Eels USP3 team this past season. He earned 3 shutouts during the regular season. He and fellow netminder, Nick Kotz, backboned their team into the playoffs says Premier Head Coach Frankie Scarpaci.  This was a huge accomplishment as the Eels USP3 team had 18 rookies and Jason always came up with those saves to give his team a chance to win.  We trust he will also rise to the top at Boston College’s ACHA team. The quality of players in that league is phenomenal. He will thrive there.
Jason is a high character young man. He will fit so well at Boston College and their excellence in their tradition. Jason comes from an incredible family that has supported him in every aspect of his life including hockey. Despite playing in Florida, his parents made many games and were there on all of the away showcases.  They are now must be elated at seeing their son Jason realize his dreams.   The Eels are honored that Jason was with us last year. Moreover we are very proud to have helped him reach his goals. That is what we do. Advance our players to college. Jason marks 197 players the Eels advanced to college.
We wish the best of luck to Jason.  There is no doubt that he will make us all proud in his endeavors and studies at Boston College.