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Eels Announce A Hat Trick in the Signing of 3 Returning Veteran Players

By Eels Staff, 07/30/17, 8:45PM EDT



A Hat Trick in Ice Hockey is when a player scores 3 goals in one game. A natural Hat Trick is when a player scores 3 goals in one period. This is a rare indeed. The Florida Eels scored a Hat Trick today of its own sort albeit even before the season starts! The Eels Team Hat Trick is referred to as when a team signs 3 top returning veteran players in one day. That is precisely what the Eels announced today as they report that highflying extremely energized Colton Crabtree is returning this season to the Eels Premier team. Today the Eels also signed Caden Tchop and NIKITA LOPATIN


Colton was one of the most charismatic players on the Eels Elite team last season. Colton is a native of Brighton, CO. He is 5’9” 170 pounds. Last year was his rookie year in Junior Hockey. In 42 games last season for the Eels he scored 9 goals and tallied 15 assists for 24 points. He brought so much electricity to the team. On the ice he was the team’s spark plug. First in the corners. Never backing down from any player despite giving away size and weight. He was relentless in all 3 zones. He battled so well along the boards winning loose puck scums. He did anything he could to protect his zone including block shots and wearing down opponents’ offensive attacks. 


You could hear his enthusiasm clearly across the rink echoes GM Frank Scarpaci. He was an in your face kind of guy. The guy every team hates to play against. His determination and team spirit was loudly heard as well in his locker-room. He was always positive and got the guys pumped up says Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci. He is truly one of the most self and team motivating kind of player you ever coached. 


He was fearless as well in his line drives. You will often see him penetrating the crease and paying the price for such aggressive attacks. “That is his job he echoes and if I get mauled and beat up so be it I am here to do what it takes and if it means getting bruised and banged up every night- well so be it. You have to be hard nosed to play this game the right way.” He was often teamed up with some of our extremely talented goal scorers and Colton knew his role. Head man it drive to the net and open up scoring options. He is a selfless type of player never looking for credit on assists. He emphatically bought into our system. He knew with the Eels it was all about the team and not individual accolades. 


This kid shows tremendous maturity for a 1998 DOB. He has tremendous character and possesses a high level of civic responsibility at such an early age. 


GM Scarpaci is thrilled to have him return this year. We know he is very focused and determined to advance to college and realize his dreams not only to play NCAA College hockey but also to become someone and make a real impact in society.


Coach Frankie Scarpaci is equally thrilled to have Colton back. He is a player with very good skill set and extremely willing to improve every time he hits the ice. His work ethic parallels his energies. He comes back every day and shoots 150 pucks. This unwavering dedication and commitment is indeed contagious and that is the type and quality of players we at the Eels demand comments Coach Scarpaci. Like so many of my guys he is a winner and has every intent make that happen this year. We all know our goal and Colton is 100% committed to the Eels mission. Welcome back Colton