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Florida Eels Premier Forward Kellen Crowther Commits To Marion University

By Florida Eels Staff, 05/17/18, 2:00PM EDT


The Florida Eels are proud to announce Premier forward Kellen Crowther , of Fort Myers Florida, has committed to Marion University.  Marion is a Roman Catholic liberal arts university in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Crowther is the Florida Eels 11th commitment for the 2018 season. He marks 221 Florida Eels Alumni who have advanced to college. Kellen will be playing for Marion’s Division II ACHA hockey program. 


Crowther is a four-year veteran of the Eels program. He started with the Florida Eels as a midget in the Eels youth program 4 seasons ago. He is an example of the Eels player development. In his first year as a junior player he played on the Eels USP3 team and then moved up to the Eels Elite team and this past season he advanced to the Eels Premier team. He is now part of the Eels rich legacy in advancing players to college. Kellen had numerous opportunities some at the NCAA Div. 3 level and some at the NAIA level. But for him it was equally important to look at the University academic program along with the hockey opportunities and Marion just fit into his plans 100%


SCOUTING REPORTPROM PREMIER COACH:  Kellen is a third-year Junior veteran with the Eels Junior program.  Very dedicated, determined young man.  Great work ethic, smooth skater, nice hands, shoots the puck 4 to 5 times per game. He has the hunger and thirst around the net. He is a consummate threat in front of the net. He can score. He is solid both on the power play and penalty kill.  He battles hard along the boards, good playmaker. He has a very good hockey IQ. He has spent the time in the trenches and knows what it takes to win. He has always played on winning teams and comes up strong in big games. 


Kellen had numerous options but really liked what Marion University had to offer. It has a strong academic program that fits Kellen’s career path. That is very important in the selection of the college or university that a player choses to go to. Moreover, Kellen was very impressed with his visit to Marion University this Spring when he met with coach Chris Frederickson and his staff as well as some of the team players. This meeting closed the deal for him. He loved the environment,  the coaching philosophy and everything about the program. There was no doubt in Kellen’s mind that Marion University was truly committed to the ACHA program. 


We wish Kellen the best. He will be truly missed as he was a staple to the Eels program for so long. Moreover, he comes from a phenomenal family who also been an anchor to the Eels program. His dad Don Crowther and Mom Penny Crowther who have been so warm gracious and so generous in being a billet family for so many players over the last 4+ seasons. They opened up their home and were real moms and dads to so many of the boys. True mentors. Mr. and Mrs. Crowther has sacrificed so much for their son to realize his dreams and goals to advance to college and have the opportunity to play at the college level. A big shout out and thanks to them tenfold!


We wish Kellen Crowther the best at Marion University not only in hockey but in his academic career. He will no doubt go on and make us proud.