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Florida Eels Announce the Signing of Six Additional Players for the 2018-19 Season

By Frank Scarpaci, 08/20/18, 9:45PM EDT


  1. The Florida Eels are Very Excited to Announce the Signing of 5’11” 170 lbs. Goalie Nahuel Veyan from Toulouse, FRA and Dallas Texas. 


GM Frank Scarpaci said that in 2017-18 Nahuel played for the Dallas Blackhawks Elite  and in 2016-17 he played for McKinney North Stars and HC Dallas. He was recommended to the Eels by its Texas scout who has worked with Nahuel in his training and development as a goalie. Eels Coach Scarpaci notes that Veyan was impressive at the Global Showcase in Las Vegas. He played quite well. He had a quick glove, challenged his shooters and showed remarkable poise against some pretty strong shooters. 

 This is a huge opportunity for Veyan making the jump to the Juniors. He is a confident young man who has the passion and fortitude play this game at the Next Level. GM Scarpaci notes he was impressed with his confidence and determination. He understands this is not an easy task, if it were everyone would be able to do it. He understands the work load in front of him and how he has huge shoes to fill. The Eels goalies have always been very good and it does not come easy. There is no room for complacency nor entitlement. This young man is eager and hungry to one day play college hockey and we look forward to his resolve to reach those goals.


  1. The Florida Eels Are Extremely Excited to Announce that Eels Veteran  Daniel Merida 6’2” 170lbs Forward Has Re-Signed With The Florida Eels Junior Program

Daniel is going into his 3rd season with the Eels. He has been an Eel dating back to his youth days. He size is his natural strength, He is a good skater with explosive speed. Hard to stop on the line rush. This is a huge year for Daniel and he has grown maturity wise enormously. You can see his confidence in his training. He has stepped up this Spring and Summer working out with the coaches every day in the gym and on the ice 2-3 times per week.

Coach Frank Scarpaci echoes that Daniel has enormous upside. He is one of our most improved players He is showing enormous determination and fortitude in his ice training training. He is set on attending college and knows now is the time to get himself ready. Coach Sanchez is equally enthused about Daniel returning. “With Daniel buying in 100% we can ripen him into a power forward. He won’t be relying on others to do the job. It is his time” GM Scarpaci concludes, “Daniel is another example of the Eels player development model. The Eels have taken this young boy and allowed him the time and were patient in his development. Now we expect Daniel to have a breakthrough year in route to realize his dreams of playing college hockey.” 

  1. The Florida Eels Are Very Excited to Announce that 6’2” 190lbs. Veteran Goalie Zach Kott from Montréal, QC, CAN will be Joining the Eels Junior Program for the 2018-19 Season. 

 In 2017-18 Zach played for the Saint-Lazare Révolution of the QJAAAHL and in 2016-17 season he played for the NH Jr. Monarchs New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs and previously he played in Canada Midget AAA for the CIHA Green Midget AAA and the CIHA Voyageurs Midget AAA.  GM Scarpaci notes he is obviously a seasoned netminder who is mentally tough and battled tested. He is a high character young man who from top scouting reports always puts his team and the program first. He has had a number of solid college options already and he is looking forward to ripening his skills and perfect him to play college hockey.

 Coach Scarpaci has done his due diligence and says his strength is in his size. He owns the crease and takes up a lot of the net. For a big guy he moves very well. Great vision and squares up solidly on shooters. He challenges shooters and tracks the puck very well. Scouting reports reflect he has a great work ethic and puts in extra time every day to improve his position. We look forward to him joining the Eels this season.


  1.     The Florida Eels Are Thrilled to Announce it’s First Hungarian Player 2001 Joining The Eels Junior program 5’9” 165lbs. Keve Csongor Toth  

 Keve is from Hand Shot from Budapest, HUN. He is a right shot. In 2017-18 he played Juniors in Quebec Canada. In 2016-17 he played for KMH Budapest U18.  In 49 games, he scored 18 goals and 11 assists for a total of 29 points averaging almost .70 points per game.  We are excited to have Keve join the Eels program. Our scouting reports on Keve show he is a smooth skater. Good hands. Strong puck handling skills with an appetite to score. No doubt he has the passion and determination to bring his game to the Next Level. He made enormous sacrifices investing in coming to Canada and now the USA to enhance his skill set. He is focused on his education and will be attending Hibernian Private school while here in Fort Myers.

 He is a very determined and equally dedicated young man willing to do all of the little things. He comes highly endorsed as a high character individual. This year he will train in excess of 600 hours and this will undoubtedly help him reach the level needed to become a college recruited player. We look forward to a banner year from Keve.


  1. The Florida Eels are pleased to announce to Re-Signing 2000 6’02” 180lbs. Veteran Forward Dylan Tschabold   from Switzerland

GM Scarpaci noted, “Dylan has played for the Florida Eels Junior program for the last 1 ½ seasons. Previously he played on the Eels midget program and high school hockey for the Greater Fort Myers High School Team He has moved here from his home in Switzerland and made enormous sacrifices to be away from his home and family. This is a dream come true for him. His goal is to play one-day college hockey. He knows that playing juniors is the pathway to that end. He also knows that the Eels are the key to that mission. He knows that if his end game is to play college hockey be it NCAA or ACHA and garner an excellent education, then the Eels Junior team is the mechanism to realize that goal.


Coach Frank Scarpaci notes, Dylan has great size. He is not afraid to battle along the boards. He has enormous heart. He leaves everything he has on the ice. He is a team player. Great on the ice, on the bench and in the locker room,Coach Alex Sanchez continues, “He brings enormous passion and energies to the team. He is very determined and dedicated player - arriving 1 hour prior to practices to work on his skills. He is a consummate Eel. We honestly feel he will have a break out season”



  1. The Florida Eels Are Thrilled to Announce The Re-Signing of 5’6” 145 lbs. Second Year Veteran Forward Kalib Carlyle Maryville, IL

 GM Scarpaci comments, Kalib Came to the Eels Junior Program last season . As a rookie, he  had 7 goals and 8 assists.  The previous year in high school  he scored 13 goals and notched 14 assists. He is extremely fast and has the ability to put the puck in the net. As a last year guy we know it is essential to put it all together and get ready for college.  We love his work ethic and the energies he brings to our program.

 Coach Frank Scarpaci notes, “he is very quick and  angles  by opposing forwards and defensemen and uses his speed  to drive to the net. He  is an excellent forechecker.  Despite his lack of size, he gets on defenders quick creating turnovers and offense for his line mates. Good along boards, and able to do the little things to make his teammates better around him.  A solid two-way player - excellent worker in all zones.


 Coach Alex Sanchez comments “he is the kid who it is hard to defend against. He uses his speed to his advantage in games. This should be a break out year for him.” Coach Says “ He is looking to increase Kalib’s scoring touch and that will be the focus of his development this season”

 GM Scarpaci concludes, as a last year guy Kalib knows what is expected of him. Extra time before and after practice. He is determined to play college hockey.  He joined us at the Spring USPHL Showcase in May and the Pro Am NHL Pre Draft where he played against team Sweden Team Euro and Canada West . Then in July he played with the Eels at the prestigious Pro Am Sr. Chowder Cup. These were excellent forums for Kalib’s player development   This young man is extremely coachable and is willing to sacrifice all to reach and realize his goals. He is a team guy first so you can always expect him there to do whatever it takes for the team to be on top.